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Reputation Managment

Reputation management is the process of managing the online reputation of a company, individual, or product. It includes activities such as responding to negative reviews, monitoring and managing social media posts(we also provide social media management) and working to improve the company’s online image.

Reputation management can be difficult because it requires constant vigilance on the part of the organization. Often, business owners only want to respond to positive reviews, if they even respond to any reviews. However, if a negative review is left on a website, for example, it needs to be responded to quickly and politely, this shows potential customers that you care about how you treat your customers and that customer service is a priority for you business.

At ISI Solutions, we understand the importance that reviews play in the online presence of a business. That is why we have designed an automated review system that helps business owners increase their online reviews. Our system also offers an opportunity to “make it right” for a customer leaves a negative review. If you want more reviews for your business call ISI Solutions today at (419) 975-9493 or fill out our contact form.

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